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St Clare's Primary School Thomastown West

‘It takes a village to raise a child’ - African Proverb


St Clare’s is a welcoming and inclusive community that maintains strong relationships between the school and home and believes in the importance of open communication.

We are committed to building and strengthening these partnerships, by seeking to enhance learning through collaboration and promote strong relationships between parents, students and staff.  

Our aim is to have a school community that is connected and engaged and that participates and supports school and Parish life. We endeavour to have a shared vision between teachers, parents and children that is built upon mutual respect.


Learning & Communication

Some of the family engagement in learning and communication strategies we implement are:

  • Seesaw learning app

  • Skoolbag communication app

  • School Newsletter

  • Family Engagement in Learning Events

  • Community Conversations

  • Home Learning Tasks


"I love our green school uniform.  We have the best school community."

Jessica, Student

Words from Our Community


School Advsisory Council

The School Advisory Council forms an important expression of the educational partnerships that exist between parents, schools, parishes and the wider community, to support all students.  The advisory council provides a discussion and discernment where parent voice and community perspective are available to influence and support the decisions made by the Principal and the Priest, for the good of the school and its students.


St Clare’s School Advisory Council (SAC) consists of the Principal, Parish Priest, Deputy Principal and parents from the school community.


Be Involved

There are many opportunities for parents to become involved in the life of St Clare’s School:


  • Parent Action Team

  • Classroom helpers

  • Excursion support

  • Attending special events (e.g. sports carnivals, welcome picnics)

  • Attendance at Masses

  • Parent gathering space

  • Feedback forums

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