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Our Clare's Primary School Thomastown West

Thankyou for considering St Clare’s Catholic Primary School for your child’s education.  We look forward to the possibility of you joining our vibrant and dynamic school community.


Enrolments for Prep students are taken in the year prior to them commencing school.  Enrolments are open to all students who turn 5 years old by the 30th April in the year in which they begin school.  

To enrol at St Clare’s, an enrolment form (available online or from the school office), needs to be completed.  When submitting your completed form, we ask that you also provide your child’s:

  • Birth certificate

  • Baptism certificate (if applicable)

  • Immunisation certificate

  • Passport (if born overseas)

  • Any visa information


These documents can be photocopied for you at the school office if needed.


Enrolment enquiries for other year levels are available throughout the school year, which will be subject to vacancies in the required year levels.

Prep Transition Program

St Clare's Primary School Thomastown West

A smooth and easy transition into St Clare's Primary School.


School Tour

Information sessions, school tours and open days for Prep enrolments are conducted in February and March of each year. Details are provided to local kinders early in the school year. 

If the allocated tour dates don’t suit, families are invited to make an appointment for a personalised school tour.


Enrolment Interviews

Following an enrolment submission, an interview with the Principal will be organised.  At these interviews, we are able to learn about the specific needs of children and families, while also allowing parents to ask any questions they may have about St Clare’s.  Offers of enrolment are made following the enrolment interview.


Kinder Visits

Our Prep teachers will visit students at kindergarten for an opportunity to interact with them in an environment in which they feel safe and comfortable.


Parent Information Sessions

A parent information session is conducted late in the school year to enable families to build relationships amongst each other and ask questions about transitioning their child to school and the orientation process.


Orientation Sessions

Two orientation sessions are provided in November where children spend time in the classroom with the Prep teachers. A buddy meet and greet session is also incorporated where the children meet their Year 5 buddy for the following year. Two further orientation sessions are conducted at the beginning of the school year in small groups, to ensure teachers get to know the children before placing them into class groups. 


Home Visits

Early in their Prep year, families are invited to participate in a home visit where classroom teachers will visit the family at  home or at a setting of parents/carers choice. This provides another opportunity for staff to get to know the children on a deeper level, which supports planning for classroom programs and helps the children settle more quickly into life at school.


Welcome Picnic

The final part of our orientation program is a Welcome Family Picnic, which is held early in the school year. This event is valued by all members of staff as we welcome our Prep families into our St Clare’s community.

Words from Our Community

" I love this school because of all the wonderful subjects.  The best subjects are writing because I get to write my own stories, PE and Art.  In Art you can create exciting artwork and PE is great because we get to play fun games.  The students are really kind and they help you when you’re sad.  Some of them make really great friends.  That’s why I love this school."

Tobit, Student


Before & After School Care

Before & After School Care at St Clare’s is available for all year levels and is operated by an external care provider called Extend.  Both before and after school care operates from our school hall. Before school care begins at 7am and after school care runs until 6pm. More information and enrolments can be made at


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